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A commitment to energy efficiency at our Calgary campus

Our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment doesn’t just apply to developing and operating our resource assets. This approach also guided the design of our head office campus in southeast Calgary, completed in 2016.

Collaborative oil sands bird safety program applauded

Working with our peers to keep birds safe around oil sands operations has earned the admiration of energy and environmental regulators as a leading example of how the environment, and the energy industry, benefit through collaboration.

What is that flare?

A flame burning at the top of a pipe stack can look alarming. Although the sight of flares and the rumbling noise that sometimes accompanies flaring can cause concern, please remember that flaring is an important safety measure and environmental control tool that keeps our facilities running safely.

Sahtu community initiatives support announced for 2017

Science lab equipment, a youth leadership forum and a healthy breakfast option for students are all Sahtu community initiatives receiving a total of $75,000 in support this year from Imperial’s Norman Wells Operation.