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Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) – Developing land and environmental stewards

Each summer the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) welcomes talented post-secondary students and recent graduates to its Conservation Intern program.

Interns help the NCC accomplish critical conservation and land management work and in return, get real-life, hands-on educational opportunities and a leg up in securing their environmental dream job.

“We are committed to building a natural legacy for Canada. Developing the next generation of leaders in areas such as conservation science, land management and wildlife research is a natural part of that commitment,” says Erica Thompson, national director of conservation engagement.

Beginning in 2014, Imperial pledged $1 million dollars over four years to enable the completion of critical conservation work coast to coast.

Michelle Dano’s 2014 internship was sponsored by Imperial. She believes the experience greatly contributed to her landing her dream job as the stewardship coordinator in NCC’s British Columbia Southern Interior program.

“I am able to use the skills I developed during my internship – field skills, volunteer management, conservation planning and Geographic Information Systems, to contribute to important conservation work. Conservation internships give you a leg up to do what you’ve always dreamed of,” says Dano.

Imperial and the Nature Conservancy of Canada have been partners in land conservation since 1995. In recent years, Imperial has contributed to a wide range of land securement projects across Canada and supported the care of priority conservation lands in addition to education and career development for young Canadians.