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Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC): caring for our web-footed friends

Wetlands are some of the most productive ecosystems on earth, yet they continue to be destroyed at an alarming rate.

Wetlands provide us with benefits such as:

  • cleaner water in lakes and rivers (for commercial and recreational activities)
  • moderation of soil erosion
  • fish and wildlife habitat
  • biodiversity

According to a 2014 report conducted by environmental economist Mark Anielski and his team, every $1 invested in conservation provides Canadians a return on investment of $22 in economic, ecological and societal benefits.

Since 1992 DUC and Imperial have worked together to conserve and restore wetlands across Canada with innovative programs like wetland inventory mapping in the boreal forest. To date, over eight million hectares of wetlands and waterfowl distribution mapping has been completed around Cold Lake, AB and Fort Nelson, BC. These foundational inventories will help support the development of land use plans and policies.

Here are a few more DUC projects we’re working on that are worth flapping about:

  • Restoration of 260 hectares of wetlands and uplands in the Hartnell conservation project in the Doe River area of the Peace Region of British Columbia
  • Ensuring the long-term viability of the highly productive, locally significant wetland and upland habitat complex near Camrose, Alberta through the Lyseng conservation project. The project originated with a donation of land to DUC by Imperial in 1992 and the Imperial Oil Foundation continues to contribute.